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Market Reports, Market Investigations, Market Monitoring


We produce quality concentrated bespoke reports for clients to capture crucial information to support working business activity or strategic demands.  Our clients typically assign us for individual reports and regular updates to monitor developments in the market.

Industry focus:
Chemicals, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Technology


We investigate, collect and analyse information for clients who wish to focus on business activity in their market, for example trends, supply and demand, M&A, forecasts.
Likewise we assist clients with pinpoint market information to support working business activity.

Information focus:
Commercial, Technical, Techno-commercial


The combination of market analysis and market monitoring allows business to attain and maintain a complete overview in their sector maximising working business activity.

Operating from England we co-operate with national and international clients


We offer professional advice and guidance to clients
Examples of our work

SALES: We supported a number of overseas manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector and helped them promote their products in the European market. 

REGULATORY: We assisted an overseas manufacturer in the food sector and helped them to successfully register two large volume products in Europe.

PURCHASING: We helped an SME by doing an extended factory audit tour in China of potential new suppliers of a crucial raw material for production use.

PURCHASING: We supported a Life Sciences company and helped them with global technical sourcing of hard to find raw materials for their new product development.

TECHNOLOGY: We assisted a company in the Nutrition sector starting up first large-scale production by new technology and provided guidance.

TECHNOLOGY: We helped a company in the Materials sector off-shore and expand the production of a fibre product to achieve cost benefits.


We have worked on retainer basis for both multi-nationals and SME's often on challenging technical or commercial projects with pressure and achieved results. Our industry recognised specialists have the skills needed to support across technology themes. 


Director, UK

Advises global corporations and companies in the chemicals, life sciences, manufacturing and technology sectors. Before forming Apley Technology Andrew held positions in UK manufacturing and international sales working for a multinational Japanese corporation. Over the years Andrew has developed expertise in sales & marketing best practice, new business creation and transformation.

Durham University PhD & Postdoctoral Studies


Information & Consulting

All our client work is exclusively confidential and done on assignment.